[YG-LIFE] iKon Members are Meeting Fans First on Naver V-App


YG Entertainment’s rookie idol group iKON will meet fans in NAVER V-APP live-broadcasting tonight, one day before the release of their debut half album.

iKON will have “OPENING CEREMONY”, which is a pre-event of mini-sports competition “WELCOME BACK WITH NAVER V”, tonight at 9pm on NAVER V-APP.

WELCOME BACK WITH NAVER V” is a special live-broadcasting in which iKON members pick one discipline of mini-sports and six members engage in individual matches with one as the judge.

“OPENING CEREMONY” is a pre-event for “WELCOME BACK WITH NAVER V” to be aired from October to November. In “OPENING CEREMONY”, iKON will introduce their debut half album to be released on October 1 at 0 o’clock and the team’s debut concert “SHOWTIME” to be held on the 3 next month, and also talk about what kind of games they will display in the live-broadcasting from then on.

At the same time when NAVER V-APP live-broadcasting is hosted, “KONBUS SIGNING DAY” event will be also held. In the “KONBUS SIGNING DAY” event, fans will write supporting messages for iKON’s debut on a giant bus wrapped with a film marked with word “iKON”. Fans are showing high expectations for the event, as it is known that fans invited to the event will have a special opportunity to listen to the highlight of six songs in iKON’s half album for the first time.

Meanwhile, iKON will hold debut concert “SHOWTIME” at the Olympic Gymnastics Hall in Seoul on October 3.

Credits: YG-Life via ygunited

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