[YG-LIFE] iKON is Practicing Hard for their Debut Concert “SHOWTIME” … with Yang Hyun Suk at the Helm


[TV리포트=김가영 기자] iKON is practicing hard for their debut concert “SHOWTIME”… with YANG HYUN SUK at the helm

YG’s rookie idol group iKON is now practicing hard, to meet the expectations for their debut concert “SHOWTIME”. The debut concert is drawing all the more attention, as YANG HYUN SUK is directly leading the practicing process.

On the 25, YG Entertainment said, “iKON who will hold debut concert “SHOWTIME” on October 3 at 6pm at the Olympic Gymnastics Hall in Seoul, has done a hard practice on the 23 ant 24 on a rehearsal stage installed at KBS Sports World in Gangseo-gu, Seoul, to present more perfect performances in their first official concert for fans who have long been waiting and supporting for the team’s debut”.

According to YG, the rehearsal was filled with iKON member’s passion and hard-work. Even though the rehearsal continued in the late night, the members were not tired but worked hard and they cheered each other, creating a friendly atmosphere. Leader B.I showed a good leadership, taking care of the flow of each member’s movement on the stage in a professional way.

The rehearsal is a practice for iKON’s concert scheduled for October 3 and gave a hint on the concert’s repertory. At the concert, iKON will stage the performance of the songs in their debut half album “WELCOME BACK” for the first time, as well as each member’s solo performance in which iKON will more closely communicate with fans. Plus, more spectacles will be provided at the concert, with impressive stage props and settings.

The concert is drawing all the more attention, as it is known to have been directly led by YG’s head producer YANG HYUN SUK. YANG showed his affection for iKON, taking care of each and every part of the concert including the composition of set list, stage settings, lighting, and sound, according to YG. On the 24 in the afternoon, YANG even posted a photo of iKON’s rehearsal on his personal social media account, expression his own expectations for iKON’s debut concert.

While many music fans are paying keen attention to iKON’s performances that will captivate fans with their veteran skills and talent not like that of a rookie, B.I expressed his wish at the rehearsal, “We’ve always been prepared for this, and all our wishes will be realized that day. It will be a really good concert, so you can look forward to it.” B.I also said, “We’ve been practicing so hard and I hope the concert will be an opportunity to express our sincerity”.

After proclaiming the birth of a “monstrous rookie” by sweeping the No.1 on the real-time, daily, and weekly charts of major music charts as well as achieving a triple crown on Gaon chart with their debut warm-up release “MY TYPE”, iKON unveiled the track list and credit of their debut half album “WELCOME BACK” on the 24, to raise fans’ expectations even further.

iKON’s debut half album will be released on-line on October 1 and off-line on October 5. On November 2, the team’s debut full-album will be released. Plus, iKON will hold their debut concert on October 3 at the Olympic Gymnastics Hall in Seoul, to officially meet their fans who have been waiting for the team’s debut for a long time.

2015. 9. 25.

Credits: YG-Life

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