[YG-LIFE] Fans Spotted WINNER at Heathrow Airport – “Is Winner Making a Comeback?”


WINNER was seen at Heathrow Airport in London. This indicates that their comeback is near.

On October 1, pictures of WINNER at Heathrow Airport spread online. As soon they recognized that it was WINNER, local fans started to take pictures of them with their cellphones.

So, why is WINNER in London? Recently, YG Entertainment’s CEOYANG HYUN SUK left a meaningful comment on his Instagram page, fueling curiosity among fans.

WINNER fans want to see them make a comeback more than ever because the group has been on a break for more than a year now, and their rival group in Mnet’s survival show “WIN” – iKON – has recently made a successful debut. It is highly likely that WINNER is going to make a comeback soon judging by the WINNER poster that YANG HYUN SUK uploaded on his SNS page and their visit to London. Chances are that WINNER is now in London to shoot their MV.

WINNER’s rival iKON has made a tremendously successful debut, and since WINNER about to make a comeback, people are expecting to see another “WIN”.

WINNER and iKON each have a huge fan base, and the fans also have a lot to say about the possible rematch. There is certainly tension between the fans of the two groups.

WINNER and iKON are close, but they are also destined to compete against each other. Expectations are running high for their next clash. Can’t wait to see how they will use their different appeals to capture the hearts of fans.

Source: Ilgan Sports via YG-Life

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