[YG-LIFE] BIGBANG works hard as the “K-pop messenger” even during the Thanksgiving holidays… Holding concert in Taiwan on the Thanksgiving Day


Group BIGBANG (G-DRAGON, T.O.P, TAEYANG, DAESUNG, and SEUNGRI) is taking the lead in promoting K-pop even during the Thanksgiving holidays.

Starting from the 24 until the 27 this month, BIGBANG will hold four concerts, one for every day, at Taipei Arena in Taiwan. BIGBANG, one of the best K-pop idol groups, hold the concert as part of their “MADE” world tour.

The Taiwan concert is meaningful in different ways, because BIGBANG sacrifice their Thanksgiving holidays, to hold the concert even on the very day of Thanksgiving, to more actively promote K-pop in foreign countries.

The Taiwan concert is also the concert that announces the re-beginning of BIGBANG’s world tour, after their 20-days’ rest. As BIGBANG began their rest after the concert in Chongqing, China, on August 30, the Taiwan concert is the first concert in a month. BIGBANG members themselves are looking forward to the concert, too.

The Taiwan concert was originally planned for three days from the 25 to 27, but one more concert was added on the 24, because of requests from local fans. That gives BIGBANG one more reason why they have to do their best for the concert.

BIGBANG who is doing their best to promote K-pop even during holidays, will continue with their world tour in the American region in early October. In their “MADE” world tour that will continue until next year, BIGBANG will meet 1.4 million fans in 70 concerts to be held in 15 countries. 

Meanwhile, BIGBANG released the singles of “MADE” series every month from May to August this year, to achieve a remarkable success in and out of the country. While releasing the new singles, BIGBANG have also carried out their world tour in 11 cities in China and in other countries including Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines, successfully.

2015. 9. 24.

Source: YG-Life


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