[NEWS] Choi Ji Woo, Sees Skyrocketing Popularity for her Acting of “Ha Norah”, a Perfect Character for her

Choi Ji Woo

– Proving “CHOI JI WOO power” by recording rising viewership ratings episode after episode, surpassing 6%!

– Keeping her promise for reward to viewers for high viewership ratings by giving away 3,000 cups of coffee to people who travel to their hometown for the Thanksgiving Holiday, expressing her gratitude in a videos message 

Actress CHOI JI WOO is enjoying skyrocketing popularity for her acting of “Ha Norah” in tvN’s Friday-Saturday drama series “Twenty Again” (written by So Hyun-Kyung, directed by Kim Hyung-Sik), being complimented by many people that her acting for the “Ha Norah” character is just perfect. 

In episode 8 of the series aired on the 19 (Sat.) this month, “Ha Norah”, a woman in her late thirties who has a 20-year-old son, went back to the age of twenty, to enjoy her lost youth once again. The scene moved the hearts of many viewers, which made the episode record 6.6 percent of average viewership rating and 7.7 percent of the highest viewership rating (Nielson Korea, for household that subscribe paid platform service/data from CJ E&M), proving the high popularity of the drama series. 

In episode 8, “Norah” dances for her college’s festival instead of another student who got her leg hurts, at the suggestion of “Cha Hyun-Suk” (acted by Lee Sang–Yoon), to fully display her dream and talent that had been hidden so far. In episode 9 to be aired tomorrow, “Norah” experiences the joy and sorrow at the same time on the stage, while “Hyun-Suk” is watching her performance with affection. “Norah”’s husband “Kim Woo-Cheol” who had demanded divorce to “Norah” gets reminded of her young and beautiful days looking at her dance on the stage, hinting on the conflict to develop between “Kim Woo-Cheol” and “Cha Hyun-Suk”. 

The viewers of the drama series and Internet users showed positive responses about the episode of the series, saying, “I think ‘Ha Norah’ is the best-ever character for actress CHOI JI WOO”, “I’m also studying in my late ages, so I could fully sympathize with CHOI JI WOO’s acting”, “I really like CHOI JI WOO’s acting that reminds me of the memories from my own young days”, “I think the viewership rating will continue to go up, surpassing 6%”, “I feel like watching this drama series again and again”, etc. 

Meanwhile, CHOI JI WOO and Lee Sang-Yoon, the main actress and actor of “Twenty Again”, will hold an event where they will keep their promise for reward to the drama’s viewers for high viewership ratings, following the first rewarding event held on the 11 this month, in which they gave away 300 cups of iced coffee to 300 people at the campus of Konkuk University. 

Today (Sep. 24) at 2pm, the two will give away 3,000 cups of iced coffee to people who travel to their hometown for the Thanksgiving holiday, at Seoul Station. The two have promised that they will present 300 cups of coffee when the rating goes beyond 3 percent, and 100 more cups of coffee for every 1 percent increase. As the viewership rating for episode 3, 4, and 8 recorded 4.6 percent, 5.0 percent, and 6.6 percent, respectively, they decided to present total 3,000 cups of coffee to travelers, summing up the 400 cups for 4.6 percent, 500 cups for 5.0 percent, and 600 cups for 6.6 percent. 

Notably, CHOI JI WOO who could not make it to the event because of the schedule of the drama shooting expressed her gratitude for the great support from the viewers of the drama, saying “The members of ‘Twenty Again’ will treat you with cold drinks today at 2pm at Seoul Station”, in a video message that was posted on the official website.

Source: YG Family

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