[ARTICLE] YG Feels Thankful But Uncomfortable for the iKON & BIGBANG Comparison

YG-Yang Hun Suk-1

YG Entertainment Yang Hyun Suk is thankful when people compares his new boy group, Ikon to the veteran group, BIGBANG but is uncomfortable at the same time.

It is but common that if a rookie boy group is compared to BIGBANG, it is but a good sign. BIGBANG is now the domestic certified and undisputed number one boy group. They have surpassed beyond Korea and Asia and have reached the level of a global group. Their world tour can draw more than 140 million viewers in the United States alone. The amateur group has been compared to BIGBANG in terms of potential.

The idea is good now that BIGBANG and iKon are compared, but it is in itself a burden and very uncomfortable to the fans too.

Yang stated, “BIGBANG have been working all the way up to succeed for the past 9 years to become the best in the world. They cannot be compared to iKon”, he said.

YG also addressed fans of both teams, “The musical and composition style of the groups maybe similar. Thanks a lot but the fans are uncomfortable with the comparison of the members. I think comparing both groups is unnecessary and wrong.

He stated, “iKon still has a lot more to prove. Comparing them would feel very uncomfortable to the fans”.

iKon have released ‘My Type’ and have topped the real-time, daily and weekly chart on Gaon and have so far three gold medals adding on MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo upon their debut.

On October 1, half of the debut album, ‘Welcome Back’ will be released online. They will also have a concert, ‘Showtime’ in the Seoull Olympic Park Gymnasium to meet their fans who have been waiting for their debut for a long time.

Source: Nate via ygunited

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