[ARTICLE] YG continues criticizing ‘M! Countdown’ for excluding iKON from their chart for the second week

IKON MY TYPE Screencap

The war between YG Entertainment and Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘ rages on with the absence of iKON‘s “My Type” from the music show’s rankings for the second week in a row.

A rep from YG stated on October 1, “The logic behind not ranking them because they were not on broadcast is an outdated idea.  If a music show’s chart was fair and reasonable for goodness’ sake, then it would be a chart that gave an equal opportunity to everybody.”

Mnet’s general manager Kim Ki Woong stated, “Excluding songs that were not broadcast from our rankings is our principle.  As expected, apart from iKON’s song, non-broadcasted songs like Lim Chang Jung‘s and Leessang‘s songs were left out.  As normal, we would include iKON in our rankings after they get aired on SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo‘ on the 4th.”

The YG rep stated that the agency could not understand Mnet’s reasoning whatsoever, stating, “Mnet is the only broadcasting company to use that logic.  Even the three main broadcasting stations include non-broadcasted tracks.  It’s a wrong method that needs to be rectified.  More than that, we don’t understand their thinking process to exclude indie or underground rappers’ music on their music charts when those are doing better than idols’ music.

“Agency HIGHGRND‘s band, hyukoh, was unable to even go on broadcast before ‘Infinity Challenge.’  It’s almost impossible to have live instruments on music shows, and hyukoh is not a band that hand-syncs.  We do not understand the thought to exclude all music like this.  YG is not saying this because we want first place.  Please, we wish that Mnet, as a music channel, would clearly, cleanly, and rationally manage its chart.  If it’s a music program like this, we feel no need to go out on it.  We wish that the chart would be reorganized so that it returns opportunities to singers who do music, regardless of whether they go on broadcast or not.”

Credits: Allkpop

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