[ARTICLE] Sandara Park is “Miss North Korea” in ‘Missing Korea’

Sandara Park Dara

South Korea is literally a nation still still under ‘war’ against its northern comrade. In October, a family reunion would take place for families that were separated during the Korean War. This would also mark “Missing Korea, the new drama’s broadcast date.

Missing Korea” will revolve around a fictional story of a reunified Korea in 2020. Sandara Park will play the role of a North Korean who will represent the region for “North-South Joint Miss Korea Pageant” organized for the year.

Sandara Park will speak in North Korean dialect and all the props she will use in the finals, particularly her outfits, hair and the cosmetics will be sponsored by the Miss Korea Association.

In the press conference of ‘Missing Korea’, Dara talked about her role.

It’s my third web drama but there’s a lot I still have to learn. Web drama is short but I love to play various kinds of characters in web dramas. I know my acting is not perfect yet. I’ll do my best. As I has to use North Korean language in ‘Missing Korea’, I practiced a lot. My character, Lee Young Jin, is from the town of Gaesung, and I heard that Gaesung accent is very charming. I try to speak charmingly but stiffly because she is a soldier. – Dara

Kim Jeong Hoon will play the lead role opposite Sandara Park as the head of the pageant’s organizing committee.

According to the drama’s production team, “October is when inter-Korean reunions of separated North and South Korean families will be taking place at Mt. Kumgang. We hope this drama will send a meaningful message that will be a forum for diverse exchange of inter-Korean relations in the future.”

Credits: ygunited

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