[ARTICLE] Netizens point out that lyrics in iKON’s ‘RHYTHM TA’ seem to target idols


YG‘s hot rookie group iKON is under fire for the lyrics in their new song, “RHYTHM TA,” which seem to target fellow idols and put them in a negative light.

The lyrics that are causing a controversy go something along the lines of, “We don’t discriminate. Like the time and place. We don’t pretend to be cool. For example, like the idols nowadays.

The opinion of the netizens seems to be split into two, with one side saying that iKON displayed a confidence that is not commonplace among rookie groups, and the other side declaring that iKON was a bit imprudent as an idol group themselves.  Some of the netizen comments read, “iKON is being cursed out like crazy keke,” “They shouldn’t be like that already,” “So they think they’re top-class now.”

Bobby, who was a contestant on the third season of ‘Show Me the Money‘ last year, was known to have criticized talentless idols during the performance for his finale.  He and B.I were the sole lyricists for “RHYTHM TA.”

Credits: Allkpop


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