[ARTICLE] ‘M! Countdown’ Explains iKON’s Absence from this Week’s Chart


Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘ has come out to explain iKON‘s absence from the music chart this week.

Mnet stated on September 24, “The ‘M! Countdown’ music chart is different from the broadcast chart, and only promoted tracks are targeted. This is why iKON’s recent track ‘My Type‘ was not in the pool of songs. Artists who don’t promote on broadcast or artists who aren’t able to perform due to overseas tours will be included after the agency requests it. We apologize for confusing viewers.”

Some viewers found it suspect that iKON’s “My Type” wasn’t included on the chart. They commented, “It’s weird to leave out a song that made #1 on music charts,” “It’s ridiculous,” and more.

YG Entertainment also commented, “If they left out the song because it wasn’t promoted, then we’re not sure why Big Bang‘s song made the chart. iKON have been #1 on the charts for 6 days, so it makes no sense that they would be left out. We’re suspicious that iKON was removed so another group has a better chance for 1st.”

Credits: Allkpop

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