[ARTICLE] CL’s Stateside, Wu-Tang Clan-Riffing Debut Is Titled ‘Lifted’

CL may be branching out from her role as 2NE1’s resident rapper with her stateside debut, but trust — it will still have just as much attitude as her past work. That’s the biggest takeaway from her new interview with Dazed, out now.

To start, this release — an EP called Lifted, CL reveals — has a lead single titled “Hello Bitches,” which was originally called “Asian Bitches” and had a remix featuring M.I.A. “We started it then, but I was like, ”Asian Bitches’ is too categorized,” she says. “I mean, you can’t sing along with ‘Asian Bitches,’ you know?”

Dazed also describes Blood Diamonds and DJ Dahi collaboration “Fallin” as “moody electro-soul,” though the lyrics were co-written by “Bitch Better Have My Money” author Bibi Bourelly. Meanwhile, the title track is a rework of Wu-Tang Clan’s “Method Man,” which riffed off Hall and Oates“Method of Modern Love.”

“I wanted to make this EP like a sampler,” CL says to Dazed. “I kept thinking, ‘My fans should know where I’m going.’ I didn’t want them to be completely confused, because it’s not going to be a Korean album.”

Credits: idolator

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