[ARTICLE] Choo Sarang and Big Bang′s G-Dragon to Meet on ′Return of Superman′


Choo Sarang will finally meet her crush G-Dragon.

The 97th ′Great Father′ episode of KBS′ Return of Superman will air in time for Chuseok on September 27. On the day′s episode, Choo Sarang and G-Dragon, who have both expressed that they′re fans of each other, will meet for the first time.

During the show, Choo Sarang froze upon seeing G-Dragon, surprising everyone on set. Choo Sarang wore a white dress, transforming into an elegant young lady, causing a big smile to spread across her father Choo Sung Hoon′s face.

When G-Dragon said, “Sarangah~ oppa is really hot, may I have some ice water?” Choo Sarang, who, at first, could only sit and stare at G-Dragon, offered G-Dragon water out of her toy fridge, breaking into a game of house. G-Dragon couldn′t hide his smile upon seeing Choo Sarang shyly offer him the water.

As G-Dragon and Choo Sarang assembled the toys he gave her together, Choo Sarang snuck glances at G-Dragon, as if she couldn′t believe he was really here, then surprised G-Dragon by breaking into a dance session.

Choo Sarang also showed her love for G-Dragon by turning on Big Bang′s Bang Bang Bang and dancing along.

Meanwhile, Return of Superman′s Chuseok special will air on September 27 at 4:30 p.m. KST.

Credits: MWAVE


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