[YG-LIFE] British Newspaper shed Spotlight on CL … “She will enjoy worldwide popularity”

[일간스포츠=황미현 기자] Renowned British daily news “The Guardian” shed big spotlight on CL who is to debut in the United States soon.

The Guardian expressed its expectations for CL’s debut in the States, saying, “CL is a k-pop artist who boasts a distinct character in a standardized society. K-pop has yet to draw popularity worldwide even though it is creating sensation throughout Asia, but CL will change the situation.”

The Guardian went on to cite American Billboard’s k-pop columnist Jeff Benjamin, “Her confident attitude makes her a more global artist.”

The Guardian also said, “The secret of CL’s success is the self-confidence and trust in herself.” CL said in an interview with The Guardian, “I don’t think I represent Korean singers. My goal is to present good music and continue to do what I love.”

Meanwhile, CL consolidated her presence toward global fans, by taking part in Skrillex’s “Dirty Vibe” released in December last year and Diplo’s single “Dr. Pepper” released in May this year. CL is to debut in the States and she will showcase her fancy performance in MDBP(Mad Decent Block Party)’s San Francisco concert on the 11 and in LA concert on the 19 this month.

2015. 9. 14.

Credits: YG-Life


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