[YG-LIFE] BIGBANG and YG Collaborates with China’s ‘Tencent’ in Producing an Internet Game

YG Entertainment announced on the 1 this month that the company will do a joint game business with China’s biggest Internet and game service company Tencent, based on the partnership between the two companies.

YG decided to do the joint business for “全民超神” directly developed by Tencent Game to draw the biggest attention for the second half of this year. For the partnership, YG’s representative artist BIGBANG will become the exclusive model for the game, to help the collaboration between the two companies.

“全民超神” is world’s first 5:5 real-time MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, one of the game genres. World-famous League of Legend fall in this category) mobile game. Even before its official launching, it already took the No.1 on IOS free download ranking without any marketing. As such, it is drawing a keen attention from users from the point of CBT and is officially launched in China on September 1.

Tencent has actively promoted collaboration with artists, from the development phase of the game, including partnership with BIGBANG IP.

An insider of Tencent game said, “We’re really pleased to work with BIGBANG who is an artist with enormous influence in China. We will present a variety of events by BIGBANG and ‘全民超神’ and we’ve completed the preparation for active on/off-line marketing activities by using Tencent’s own platform.”

An YG insider said, “We have been doing businesses in a variety of fields since we singed strategic partnership with Tencent at the end of last year. This joint game business project is launched as part of those businesses. Starting from ‘全民超神’, YG and Tencent will continue with the collaboration using both company’s game contents and artist IP.”

The collaboration between “全民超神” and BIGBANG will be presented in different forms in Tencent’s new marketing activities, in the form of in-game items, events, and promotions. Large-scale marketing will be carried out on different platforms owned by Tencent.

Source: XSportsNews via YG LIFE

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