[NEWS] YG Entertainment Receives Five Awards from Red Dot Design Awards

RedDot Award 2015-YG Family

Red Dot Design Award is one of the three major design awards in the world, with IF and IDEA. It is a German design contest that gives awards in three sections: product design, communication design, and concept design, which was established in 1955. The pieces of work that get awarded at this festival are exhibited at Red Dot Museum located in Essen, Germany, for the audience from around the globe. It is a renowned design award that is even called the Oscar of the design field.

YG received an award in the communication segment of the contest to be held in November, with the branding for WINNER’s debut, and the music album package of 2NE1′s second album “CRUSH”, TAEYANG’s second album “RISE” (full package), and “YG FAMILY CONCERT IN SEOUL LIVE’ CD”. And YG and Woori Bank’s collaboration package design project also got an award. So, YG received total five awards in the communication design segment of the contest, even though the company submitted its work for the first time to the contest.

WINNER’s debut branding drew a big attention as the first-ever project that applied fashion brand’s launching concept to an artist’s debut concept. Being recognized for such originality, it became the first winner of the Red Dot Award as an artist’s debut branding.

2NE1′s “CRUSH” also received the award for a unique album design in two different versions of pink and black, and “‘YG FAMILY CONCERT IN SEOUL LIVE’ CD” for its design that well-highlighted the nature of the project that pursued harmony between the past and new generation including from PSY, BIGBANG, and 2NE1 to new YG artists such as EPIK HIGH, LEE HI, and WINNER. For TAEYANG’s “RISE” (full package), all its package that includes not only the album’s package but also its DVD and LP of both Korean and Japanese version received the award.

Plus, the joint project of YG and Woori Bank Card got high scores as a partnership branding case of YG and another brand.

Meanwhile, as YG has been recognized for its creative design by receiving awards at Red Dot Award, YG will further nurture its design capabilities by newly recruiting more designers, and the recruiting plan will be announced on channels such as NEXT CREATOR.

Source: dongA via YG LIFE

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