[NEWS] Jang Hyun Sung Appears in a Shocking Emotional Movie Called “Love Wins”

Jang Hyun Sung

– Released all across Korea today (September 10)

We will be able to see JANG HYUN SUNG on the screen in a shocking but still emotional movie called “LOVE WINS” (directed by Min Byung Hun and produced by Min Byung Hun Films).

The movie, which premiers today on September 10, features the talented actor JANG HYUN SUNG and Choi Jung Won, who is a musical actress. It is about the youth suicide issue, dysfunctional families of today, and love.

“LOVE WINS” is directed by Min Byung Hun, who received great reviews from the critics on his previous movie released in 2012 – “. Touch” He was also awarded the grand prize in the Torino International Film Festival with his “Bee Flys” movie released in 1998. The tickets to his movies at the Busan International Film Festival were all sold out. It has been highly acclaimed for their movies His cinematic quality, and one of them was invited to compete in the 23 rd Hamburg Film Festival.

In the movie “LOVE WINS”, JANG HYUN SUNG plays the part of Sang Hyun, who is a surgeon at a university hospital. Until now, JANG HYUN SUNG has been playing sharp and charismatic characters in TV dramas. However, in the movie, his character is a needy and obsessive man who yearns for his wife’s trust and is very stingy about money.

His acting in the movie received favorable reviews and was praised for raising the movie’s cinematic quality. His expressed well the psychological changes that a breadwinner goes through during numerous accidents and incidents: he goes to the court because of sexual harassment and argues in the court, and he also creates a scene with a taxi driver over a trivial thing.

The press preview held on August 24-At, JANG HYUN SUNG told why he decided to do the movie, saying, “I felt responsible. I thought I should express this through acting as a head of a family, as a citizen, and as an actor. “He added,” I’m sure that this movie will contribute greatly to cultural diversity and abundance. “His confident comments raised the expectations for the movie.

Meanwhile, “LOVE WINS” – for which expectations were running high even before its release – will open in theaters all across Korea on September 10.

Source: YG Family

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