[NEWS] Hyun Sung Expressed Thanks for the Successful Jjang finale of “Assembly” – “Viewers have given me so much energy”

Jang Hyun Sung

– “YG food truck” came to the shooting for the last episode, to treat the staff of the drama series! Marking “a good end”

Actor JANG HYUN SUNG expressed his thanks while talking about the end of KBS TV’s Wednesday-Thursday drama series “Assembly” (written by Jung Hyun-Min and directed by Hwang In-Hyuk and Choi Yoon-Seok). 

JANG HYUN SUNG said, “‘Assembly’ was a drama series that honestly portrayed the reality of politics. Even though it was a series about politics, many people watched it and the viewers gave me so much energy. I’m honored to have worked with the directors, writer, and other actors and actresses to create this quality drama series “. 

JANG acted the character of “Baek Do-Hyun”, the secretary general of National Party and an ambitious politician, in drama series “Assembly”. From his very first appearance he captivated viewers with his cool charisma and overwhelming acting. Then, in the entire 20 episodes, JANG played a significant role in the thrilling development of the story, engaging in nasty transactions and betrayals to realize this ambition. 

JANG picked the scene in the second episode aired on July 16, in which “Baek Do-Hyun” pushed forward with “Jin Sang-Pil” s (acted by Jung Jae-Young) nomination for the party’s candidate for election and sternly admonished the people who said “Jin Sang-Pil was not qualified because he was a fired worker, as the most memorable scene in the series. 

“I think the scene where I said, ‘There is only one qualification to represent the people of Korea. It is to be a Korean citizen who has the right to be elected ‘made viewers feel good and relieved, despite the harsh reality in these days.I myself was so proud to say those lines “, added JANG. 

JANG also unveiled behind-cuts taken at the shooting of the last episode which was carried out on the 15 this month. In the behind-cuts, JANG is wearing a friendly smile in front of “YG food truck”, unlike the charismatic character he acted in the series. Thanks to the good meal offered from the “YG food truck”, not only JANG but also all the other staff could get some energy and complete the shooting for the last episode well, according to insiders. 

Meanwhile, “Assembly” that was recognized by many viewers as a well-made drama series that portrayed the realistic episodes of people who do politics and the National Assembly behind the scene, was finished on the 17 this month. 

Source: YG Family

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