[ARTICLE] YG’s Nam Taehyun and YG’s Nam Joo Hyuk are Both Nominated at the Korea Drama Awards

Nam Joo Hyuk-Nam Taehyun

Winner’s Nam Tae Hyun & model and actor Nam Joo Hyuk are nominated for the Best Rookie of the Year together with Seo Young Joo and Park Chanyeol.

The 8th annual Korea Drama Awards’ will be held at Culture & Arts Center on October 9, 6 PM where announcement for best new artist will be made.

Winner’s Nam tae hyun first appeared on on SBS ‘Midnight Restaurant’ showing his acting skills and proudly nominated for Best New Artist. Nam Joo Hyuk made his acting debut in The Idle Mermaid and followed by Who Are You: School 2015 as male lead role.

The Korea Drama Awards is an awards ceremony for excellence in television in Korea. Nominees are chosen from Korean dramas that aired on the three major broadcasting networks and cable channels. The event will be broadcasted live on Naver channel.

Source: Beatus Corner via ygunited

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