[ARTICLE] Oh! Ssen Focus: WINNER is WINNER and iKON is iKON


His gut feeling was right. YANG HYUN SUK, the CEO of YG Entertainment (YG), once said, “I don’t believe that YG made the BIGBANG of today. Rather, BIGBANG made the YG of today. I hope that iKON will do the same.” Just like he said, iKON has become the representative group of YG upon their debut.

iKON didn’t even had to release a regular album. They’ve made it with only one single. iKON’s new single “MY TYPE” – which was released at 12 AM on September 15 – was exactly the type of song that the fans wanted. As soon as it was released, “MY TYPE” swept major charts including that of Melon. It is almost absurd to see a new group dominating all the charts right after their debut.

iKON has waited for a long time, and now they are reaping fruit. On Mnet’s survival competition show “WIN”, iKON lost to TEAM A and blew their chance to debut. Some fans rooted for TEAM B – which was iKON’s name on the show – but TEAM A eventually got the win.

TEAM B – which consisted of BOBBY, B.I, SONG YUNHYEONG, KIM DONGHYUK, KOO JUNHOE, KIM JINHWAN – had to compete again in another survival show “MIX & MATCH”. New trainees joined the competition, and at the end the seven-member iKON was born with JUNG CHAN WOO becoming a member of the group.

WINNER and iKON are like brothers but are also competitors. Last year, WINNER topped the charts with their “EMPTY” – which was written by iKON’s B.I. It might seem as if the two groups are all about friendship but there is a slight tension between them. This is because, regardless of what they want, people compare them and create rivalry.

This has put “Inner Circle (WINNER’s official fan club)” and “Kon Duks (the name given to iKON’s fans) in an awkward position. This just shows that both groups are tremendously popular.

After all, WINNER is WINNER and iKON is iKON. YANG HYUN SUK’s motto is “Never release a song until it is satisfactory”, and he has made the two groups work hard only for good music. WINNER is working hard for their album and so is iKON.

In a previous interview with OSEN, YANG HYUN SUK said, “WINNER and iKON are both working really hard. They are making great progress. When WINNER comes back and when iKON debuts, they will both see good results because they have waited for so long and worked so hard.”

WINNER debuted a year before iKON, but they have both rocked the charts upon their debut. Both groups are equally great and are valuable assets of YG and K-pop.

Credits: YG-Family

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