[ARTICLE] GD, T.O.P and Yang Hyun Suk with Smiley Faces at Lee Yun Bok’s Restaurant

Lee Yun Bok-G-Dragon-TOP-YG-Yang Hyun Suk

BIGBANG’s GD and T.O.P and YANG HYUN SUK paid a visit to Lee Yun Bok’s restaurant.

On September 10, Lee Yun Bok posted a picture on his Instagram page commenting, “Today’s my lucky day. GD and T.O.P came to the restaurant and brought Mr. Yang with them. So, the four of us took a picture together.”

In the picture, GD, T.O.P and YANG HYUN SUK are in casual wear. They all seem to be close with their arms on each other’s shoulders. All of them look cheerful, and it is a photo that makes you smile.

GD and Lee Yun Bok became friends when GD appeared in JTBC’s “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator.” GD appeared in the show along with TAEYANG and chose Lee Yun Bok’s dish over another chef’s dish, making Lee Yun Bok win a star.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG has been releasing singles every month since May and amassing huge popularity.

Credits: ygunited

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