[ARTICLE] G-Dragon And Kiko Mizuhara Split? Conflicting Schedules Allegedly End The Rumored Relationship

After various suspicions, photos, videos, and interviews, it had seemingly been confirmed that G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara were dating.

But the confirmation only comes with the announcement that they’ve apparently called it quits.

According to a source at Dispatch, Big Bang’s G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong) and Japanese model and actress Kiko Mizuhara have decided to end their long suspected relationship. The source claims that the pair decided to end a reported on-and-off again relationship due to their constantly conflicting schedules.

Koreaboo reports that the source at Dispatch is supposedly a close friend of G-Dragon’s. The source stated the couple has broken up and reunited several times, but now plan to remain platonic friends going forward.

“They broke up and got back together multiple times in the past but they have decided not to spend any more emotions on each other. They are definitely not getting back together,” said the source.

Despite what the source claims, neither G-Dragon nor Mizuhara have ever confirmed to be in a romantic relationship. In fact, earlier this year Mizuhara stated that she was not in a close relationship with anyone outside of her family.

“Aside from my family, I don’t really know anyone that I can share my personal feelings without any worries,” said Mizuhara.

The “Attack on Titan” live action movie actress added in the April interview that she “didn’t have a boyfriend.” Meanwhile, G-Dragon’s latest words on the subject of their relationship have been that “there’s nothing to say.”

Unfortunately, with no confirmation from either star or their companies, it’s hard to know what the nature of their relationship ever was. But then again, with the evidence of their constant social outings together and the recent heartbreak-themed songs of Big Bang, it’s possible that G-dragon and Kiko have ended a difficult relationship.

Then again, this announcement that they’re breaking up could be simply a tactic to keep everyone from paying too much attention to their relationship.

Credits: Kpopstarz

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