[ARTICLE] Dara And G-Dragon Pairing Draws Attention As Both Idols Sport Similar Hair Color


2NE1 member Dara and Big Bang leader G-Dragon have been generating intense fan discussion after they were both spotted with a similar purplish hair color, as the latter goes through a break-up controversy with Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara.

On August 2, Dara uploaded a photo on Instagram which showed her with purple locks – the same day that G-Dragon also shared a photo on his Instagram with a similar hair color.

The coincidence was not lost on fans, especially for so-called fans of Daragon (a moniker for the Dara and G-Dragon pairing) who wish the two YG Entertainment idols were an actual couple.

The timing of their photo uploads plus the fact that G-Dragon has been reported to have broken up with longtime rumored girlfriend Mizuhara became an intense subject of discussion among online commenters.

Fans have been debating whether to put meaning in the similar hair color change, and whether they want to see a Dara and G-Dragon romantic pairing.

“Same color? Why?” “DARAGON is real,” said supporters of the pairing.

But for those who want the idols to remain only as friends, comments were a bit more dismissive. “Shut up with Daragon. It’s just a hair color,” said one naysayer.

In late August, reports came out suggesting that G-Dragon and Mizuhara allegedly broke up due to conflicting schedules. In the past week, both G-Dragon and Mizuhara have been posting cryptic Instagram posts which has further fueled the break-up rumors.

Meanwhile, Dara has been concentrating on her acting career, having starred in two web dramas and is reported to have secured the lead role in the Korean adaptation of Begin Again.

Credits: Kpopstarz

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