[ARTICLE] BIGBANG’s TOP Received 1.4 million Hearts in his 30-Minute Personal Broadcasting … “Hitting the Jackpot”


Personal broadcasting of group BIGBANG’s member T.O.P drew big attention from fans from in and out of the country.

On the 16 in the night, T.O.P hosted his personal broadcasting “Ghost: T.O.P will answer you”, on search engine NAVER’s V-APP.

T.O.P kicked off the broadcasting by saying, “I’ll answer your questions honestly, so please ask me serious questions so that I can give you honest answers”. However, he got a question “Do you have a spot on your neck? They say a person without a spot on the neck is a ghost”. T.O.P answered, “This kind of question is not good, but for your information, I don’t have a spot on my neck”, making viewers burst into laughter.

T.O.P went on to answer to a question “I like you replying to fan’s replies on your social media. What is your criteria to select what to reply?”. T.O.P answered, “I don’t have any specific criteria, but I just pick the one I wanna reply to.”

In the broadcasting, T.O.P answered to many questions quickly, and gave witty answers, voice mimicking, rapping, and dancing. He made full use of the 30 minute for his broadcasting and during the time, he received more than 1.4 million hearts.

2015. 9. 17.

Credits: YG-Life

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