[NEWS] YG Muju Foundation teams up with Ehwa University to create ‘Y&G Music Healing’!

YG Muju YG Entertainment signed an agreement with Arts & Community Network (“ARCON”) to support a culture and art education program for youths.

MUJU YG Foundation, a non-profit organization established last May to help disadvantaged youths and children, and ARCON, an intermediary organization certified by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism held the agreement ceremony at headquarters of YG Entertainment at 2 p.m. on July 10th.

The agreement is to carry out an emotional stability enhancement program, titled “ZINE,” which couples humanities with music education.


ZINE, stemmed from a Korean word roughly translating into a secluded or retired corner, intends to hear voices from every corner around us and help teenagers interpret and express what they hear and lead to creation.    With volunteering participants selected from middle and high schools in Seoul, the program will kick off in September and aim at promoting emotional stability, developing sociality among peer groups, enhancing self-expression and creativity, and improving concentration and self-esteem by creating arts.

YG Muju

The project intends to contribute to improving the quality of the lives of adolescents by recognizing a variety of challenges faced by them and combining music education with humanities. The program is also garnering public attention as renowned writers and sound artists, private institutions and other well-known figures will offer advice on how to provide teenagers with substantive help.

With the agreement signed, MUJU YG Foundation and ARCON will continue to work together to encourage young adults to be more creative and develop personality by combining social contribution consulting of ARCON and YG’s creative contents. The foundation also started “Y&G Music Healing (Young & Great Music Healing)” with Ewha Woman’s University February this year for at-risk youths who are neglected by the school system, bullied by or inflicting school violence. This project also supports music education for youths to enhance emotional stability and the two parties signed a contract for mutual cooperation.  The agreement with ARCON marks the second social contribution project of MUJU YG Foundation following the one with Ewha Woman’s Univ. The foundation plans to more actively engage in helping adolescents and making meaningful social contribution by carrying out teenager health assistance program, youth talent nurturing project, and so on.

Source: YG Family



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