[NEWS] It collaborates with American hip-hop rookie TABLO Joey Bada$$!

TABLO-Joey Bada$$

TABLO collaborates with American hip-hop rookie JOEY BADA$$.
The global hip-hop project carried out by Korean producer Code Kunst and JOEY BADA$$ has confirmed Korean rapper TABLO’s participation, so the collaboration between the two will come into reality.
JOEY BADA$$ who carries out the project with TABLO is a young rapper born in 1995 in Brooklyn, the U.S.A, who became a star with “Mix Tape 1999” released in 2012. In January this year, he released debut album “B4.DA.$$”, to draw a big attention with his old-school “Boom Bap” sound that led the golden age of hip-hop in the 1990’s.
Hip-hop fans are already paying keen attention to what kind of harmony will be created by TABLO who is famous for his captivating lyrics and punch line in the Korean hip-hop scene and JOEY BADA$$ who is enjoying big popularity for his poetic expression and profound lyrics.
The project album that is already drawing big attention from Internet users for an unprecedented collaboration in the hip-hop scene will be released in August.
Source: YG Family

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