[YG LIFE] tvN’s “The List” Reveals That SONG MIN HO’s Former Band was Split Up Because of His Father’s Opposition


[엑스포츠뉴스=김승현 기자] SONG MIN HO of WINNER has finally become a big star.

On the September 7’s episode of tvN’s “The List,” a list of celebrities that have what it takes but became successful somewhat belatedly was revealed.

SONG MIN HO became a member of WINNER through an audition show. The group swept the charts with “EMPTY,” and SONG MIN HO proved his talent by writing the music and lyrics of WINNER’s hit songs.

Recently, SONG MIN HO has received a lot of spotlight by appearing on “Show Me The Money 4.” He had once been a trainee along with Zico of Block B for two and a half years. But, he couldn’t debut as Block B because of his father’s strong opposition.

Afterwards, he debuted as a member of a four-member ballad group, but the group was split up. He then joined YG Entertainment as a trainee and got on the road to success. YANG HYUN SUK praised SONG MIN HO saying, “His rapping skill is the best.”

Meanwhile, “The List”, which airs on tvN every Monday at 8:40, is a show about interesting rankings of celebrities.

Song Mino WINNER

2015. 9. 7.

Credits: YG Life


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