[YG LIFE] BIGBANG successfully wrapped up their China tour in 11 cities… “The highest-ever number for a Korean singer”

엑스포츠뉴스=정희서 기자] Idol boy group BIGBANG who is doing world tour “MADE” has successfully wrapped up their China tour in 11 Chinese cities, which is the highest-ever number for a Korean singer.

BIGBANG’s China tour that began in Guangzhou on May 30 and 31 has held concerts in Beijing, Shanghai, Dailan, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chendu, Hangzhou, Changsa, and finally in Chongqing at Chongqing International Expo Center on August 30, to round off the three-month grand tour. The tour has been very successful, drawing 180,000 fans in 11 cities.

Notably, Chongqing subway’s sixth Expo line was filled with BIGBANG fans who gathered from early in the morning to see the finale concert of BIGBANG’s China tour that began on the 30 at 7pm, and crowd holding crown rods, the symbol of BIGBANG, was filling up the space out of the gate of the subway station.

Fans in Chongqing waited for BIGBANG’s appearance on the stage, singing along the music video of BIGBANG’s new song before the beginning of the concert. When the main video of “MADE” tour that announced the beginning of the concert started, fans stood on the seats to fully enjoy themselves.

While BIGBANG raised fans’ expectations  by giving their first visit to different cities in China, including Chongqing, BIGBANG started the concert by performing “BANG BANG BANG”. Then, they went on to captivate the audience, performing “TONIGHT” and “STUPID LIAR”. 

Just as BIGBANG prepared for their performances enthusiastically, their fans in Chongqing prepared a variety of events for BIGBANG. For the stage of “IF YOU”, fans shed the flash light from their cell phones toward BIGBANG. When BIGBANG performed “LIAR”, fans sang along the song, holding red placards with a phrase “HAVE A 9TH DAY”. When each member staged solo performance, fans cheered for them by shouting the names, and when “BAE BAE” was performed, red lights were lit on the audience seat, to fill the concert hall with red light turning the audience seat into the stage.

Wrapping up the China tour with enthusiastic responses from fans in Chongqing, G-DRAGON talked about the release of BIGBANG’s full-length album, saying, “Our album ‘M’, ‘A’, ‘D’, and ‘E’ have all been released. But that’s not the end. We’ll come back with a full-length album within this year.” TAEYANG also thanked the fans by saying, “Thank you for always supporting us. It was really amazing today. We’ll come back soon”.

BIGBANG finished the concert by singing their all-time big hit “FANTASTIC BABY”, but fans did not want to let them go and shouted “Don’t go, don’t go” in Korean. So BIGBANG came upon the stage again to give an encore performance and then finally rounded off the final concert of their China tour.

BIGBANG proved their big popularity in China. Tang Jun Mei (29, office worker) who visited BIGBANG’s Chongqing concert said, “I fell in love with BIGBANG when I saw the music of ‘LOVE SONG’. It was my first time at BIGBANG concert and now I want to go to their concert in Seoul. BIGBANG is the most popular idol singer in China”.

BIGBANG wrapped up their China tour with the Chongqing concert. Now, they will have some time for rest and then continue with their world tour in the States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Japan from October.

2015. 8. 31.


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