[YG-LIFE] CL Covered American Fashion Mag with Jeremy Scott, Drawing Big Attention

CL-Lee Chaerin-Jeremy Scott-Paper Magazine
CL who is to debut in the United States soon covered an American fashion magazine with world-famous fashion designer Jeremy Scott, drawing big attention.

“Paper” magazine is New York’s fashion magazine that has contents on fashion, pop culture, music, and art. World-famous artists including Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Prince, and Fergie have covered the magazine so far.

Paper magazine selected Balmain’s creative director Olivier Rousteing and his muse Jenifer Lopez and designer Jeremy Scott who is leading Moschino brand and his muse CL as the cover model for its September issue. CL has always attended Jeremy Scott’s parties and fashion shows and Scott has always called CL his muse, boasting the friendship between the two.

While those two close friends are showing their appeal with each one’s unique character and harmony between them on the cover of the magazine, CL is boasting her flagship charisma in fancy and bold accessories.

In an interview posted on the 27 on the website of Paper magazine before the release of the magazine’s September issue, CL talked about her friendship with Jeremy Scott and her thoughts on fashion.

Jeremy Scott talked about his connection with CL, saying, “To me, she is one of my best friends… I was coming to Korea for Adidas and I said, ‘I want to do a shoot with her. I want to meet her. I love her. I’m obsessed!’” CL said, “It (music and fashion) always goes together. But I feel full when I wear Jeremy’s stuff.”

CL went on to say, “So whatever I wear, I feel like I could play this character onstage; it gets me into that zone. I started wearing his stuff when I started my career, so it’s always been there.”

CL also talked about her philosophy about fashion, “Girls in Asia are very obedient, shy, timid, quiet, but I can tell that it’s changing, and I want them to be stronger and tell them that it’s OK to be different. Being special is a luxury…”

Meanwhile, CL who is now committed to preparation for her debut in the States will meet local fans by performing at MDBP (MAD DECENT BLOCK PARTY) in Toronto, Canada, on the 29 this month, in Berkeley (San Francisco), California, on September 11, and in LA, California on September 19.

via YG-Life

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