[YG-LIFE] CL Performed at MDBP Concert in Canada .. Met Canadian Fans for the First Time

CL-Lee Chaerin

At the music festival MDBP, which was held on the 29th (local time) in Fort York Garrison Commons in Toronto, Canada, CL performed together with world-class DJ Diplo and Riff Raff, whom CL worked with for “Dr. Pepper”.

In black skinny pants, t-shirt with Einstein’s monochrome picture, and glamorous fur accessories, CL boasted her unique fashion style grabbing fans’ attention the moment she appeared on the stage. CL thrilled the audience with her powerful and cool rapping, performing “Dr. Pepper”, “The Baddest Female”, and “MTBD”. Although it was CL’s first performance in Canada, she proved her strong presence. In particular, during the “Dr. Pepper” performance, the audience sang along CL’s hook part.

“Dr. Pepper” is Diplo’s single released in May. The rap features Diplo’s unique trap-beat and CL’s powerful rapping, and has catchy hooks sung by CL. Together with CL, Riff Raff from Diplo’s label and rookie rapper OG Maco, who’s hot in the US hip-hop scene, also joined the single album.

Earlier at MBDP concerts held on the 7th and 10th in Philadelphia and Brooklyn, New York, CL enthralled the fans in the US by performing with ‘JACK U’, a project group of Skrillex and Diplo, “Dirty Vibe”, “Dr. Pepper”, and “MTBD”.

CL is to continue to meet American fans through MDBP tour by performing at MDBP concerts in Berkeley on 11 September and in LA on 19 September.

via YG-Life

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