[YG-LIFE] Focus IS: Music Charts a YG Minefield: Competitive But Still on Top

“Survival of the Fittest.” 11828833_988439174546414_1410603871427056889_n

August was the month determined by tracks of the music festival by Infinite Challenge. And yet YG survived. YG created another minefield in music charts with “Show Me the Money 4” and its artists. BIGBANG, continuing on from May, once again topped charts in August.

At 10am on Aug 29, the tracks from Infinite Challenge dominated the top range on charts. It can’t be helped. Experts predicted this to last for 2 or 3 weeks already. Infinite Challenge’s music festival has risen to a national level.

But apart from the 6 tracks from the music fest, the rest is dominated by YG. The representing one is from “Show Me the Money 4,” which is sang by SONG MIN HO featuring TAEYANG. The track “FEAR” is predicted to be a steady seller.

#2 is SONG MIN HO’s “Okey Dokey.”


“INCREDIBLE” by JINUSEAN and TABLO from “Show Me the Money” is at #3. SONG MIN HO is also at #6 with “TURTLE SHIP.” YG’s top this August is certainly SONG MIN HO. It seems like YG should give SONG MIN HO a chance to be a solo.

#7 is BIGBANG’s “LET’S NOT FALL IN LOVE” that has been in the top 10 for precisely one month, while #8 is YG’s label High Ground’s Hyuk Oh’s “WIING WIING.”

From #10 to 20, BIGBANG’s “ZUTTER,’ SONG’s “CHEERS” and Hyuk Oh’s “Wari Gari” and BIGBANG’s “BANG BANG BANG” can be seen. Once again, August is dominated by YG. Something notable is that even Infinite Challenge’s tracks include YG songs. Charts of August is certainly a “YG minefield.”


One music producer said, “YG was involved in ‘Show Me the Money’ and ‘Infinite Challenge,’ which helps them continue on with YG power. September will be once again dominated by YG as PSY, iKON, WINNER, LEE HI, BIGBANG and CL will be out. Their dominance will be present until the end of the year.”

Credits YG-Life via YG United

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