[ARTICLE] BIGBANG, How Do They “All-Kill”?


It’s the same for MADE. First of all, it’s not easy for any groups to release two songs for four months in a row. Only a group who is confident enough to show all their songs one by one can do it. And what’s more, every single one of them was a success. They are doing music that people like. So how do they do it?

# They Build Their Own Confidence

BIGBANG’s biggest motivation is that they make their own songs. Idol groups recently started creating their own music, but BIGBANG is the representing group who showcases self-produced music. They are one of the few boy bands who are considered an artist, not just an idol group. GD has been working on writing music since he was a trainee, and as the central pillar of BIGBANG, he is fulfilling his role as an icon of fashion and culture.

GD once said, “We create our own music, and that is appealing to the public. We are confident about our music.”

# BIGBANG, Always a Surprise

They are involved in their own music, which helps them bring out their very own colors. BIGBANG is always consistent with their colors, yet they manage to bring out something new every time. That itself is a huge source of entertainment. Their music can only be done by them.

“BAE BAE” unveiled in May attracted much attention with the other track “LOSER.” “BAE BAE” has unique lyrics that again show BIGBANG’s colors. It’s witty and humorous. Who would talk about this particular type of food in such a sexy way? Who else would be able to deliver the lyrics with such dynamism? That indeed is BIGBANG’s power. Wit, humor, power and sentiment. Whether they choose to do a slow song or a fast-paced arrogant song, they can pull it off, no problem.

# After All, It’s Good Music

Members being involved in producing does not mean the tracks will rank #1. After all, the music has to be good. Music charts are determined by what the public likes, not what the fans like. BIGBANG topping charts every time proves that they are well received by the general public. Their popularity goes beyond fandom. It goes to the entire public.

For the last four months, new songs were released every month through MADE. Now BIGBANG is about to complete it. They will be returning with a full album, and all eyes are on the monster boy group to see what they have for us this time.

YG-Life via YG United

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