[YG-LIFE] How is CL’s Preparation For Her Debut in the States Go

CL-Lee Chaerin

World-class DJ and electronic musician Diplo drew attention from Korea’s music fans by praising CL who is soon to debut in the United States, saying, “CL’s doing it the right way”.

Diplo said in an interview with American news magazine TIME on the 19 (local time), “I think CL’s doing it the right way because she’s coming through an underground channel. As opposed to just coming with one big record, do talk shows, and then people forget about her. She’s developing and gaining fans from the ground up.”

Diplo’s such remark is interpreted as a compliment for CL’s strategy of meeting local fans directly by performing in the New York concert of music festival “MDBP” (Mad Decent Block Party) held by Diplo’s label “Mad Decent” as well as Ultra Music Festival held in Miami, the United States in March this year.

Diplo’s interview with TIME magazine was cited by American Billboard magazine on the 19, which shows the local media’s big interest in CL.

While it is known that CL is highly likely to debut in America in September, she has already been recognized for her rapping in “Dr. Pepper” for which she worked with Riff Raff from the label of Diplo and Mad Decent and rookie rapper OG Maco who is drawing a big popularity with “U Guessed It” in the American hip-hop scene after his debut last year. CL boasted a strong presence in the music video of “Dr. Pepper” released on the 14, and that was covered by influential media outlets such as TIME, Rolling Stones, Billboard, and FUSE TV.

CL is to continue the MDBP tour in Toronto, Canada, on the 29 this month, in Berkeley (San Francisco) in California, the United States on September 11, and in LA, California on September 19.

Credits: YG-Life

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