[YG-LIFE] CL is Shooting Music Video in New York for Her Debut in the States … Schedule for Debut is Confirmed for September

CL-Lee Chaerin

Girl group 2NE1 (CL, DARA, BOM, and MINZY)’s leader CL is finally kicking off shooting for the music video for her solo debut in the United States.

According to music video industry insiders on the 19 this month, CL is shooting the music video for her solo debut in the States from the 18 this month, in Brooklyn, New York. YANG HYUN SUK, the head producer and president of CL’s Korean label YG Entertainment, posted photos of CL’s music video shooting in New York on his Instagram in the morning on the 19, suggesting that CL’s debut in the States is imminent.

According to Star News’ coverage, it is highly likely that CL will make debut in the States in September. CL has been consistently working on her solo album so far, going back and forth between Korean and the States, and the shooting of the music video is the end of her preparation for the song for her official debut in the country. Thus, it is highly likely that CL’s debut in the United States will finally come in September.

Regarding CL’s debut in the States, YANG HYUN SUK expressed his high expectations for it, saying that he “feels good”.

Meanwhile, CL singed a contract with SB PROJECTS of Scooter Braun who helped world star PSY’s success in the States, to prepare for her solo debut in the country step by step.

CL’s debut in the States has stood under the spotlight of major foreign media outlets such as American Billboard and British Guardian. Recently, America’s famous music magazine Rolling Stone introduced CL as one of the “10 Artists You Need to Know”, picking her as one of the 10 hottest artists who are creating sensation recently on-line.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, CL said, “I’d want to, of course, because I am Korean, and after Psy, there were no Asian artists out here doing music. I would love to represent Asian girls and be an example or an idol for girls [in the U.S.] That is my dream, but I don’t want that to be my main goal. I just want to do something I love, and music comes first for me.”

2015. 8. 19.

via YG-Life

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