[YG LIFE] BIGBANG’s World Tour in 3 Asian Countries: 45,000 Fans Ecstatic


BIGBANG finished their BIGBANG 2015 WORLD TOUR MADE in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia in huge success.

According to YG Entertainment on August 2, BIGBANG started their concert in 3 Asian countries from July 24, 25 in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur and Putra Indonesia Stadium, and moved on to the Philippines on July 30 and to Jakarta on August 1.In the countries, they were joined by 45,000 very enthusiastic fans who filled the entire stadium.

The concert began with BIGBANG’s June track “BANG BANG BANG” and then to “TONIGHT,” “LIES,” HARU HARU” and to July’s hit songs “IF YOU” and “SOBER.” The member’s individual performances excited the fans as well.

After the performance in Jakarta, GD said on his social media, “It was the hottest show. The best show. Thank you, I love you Jakarta.”

DARA was also in the Philippines for a filming schedule and was present at the concert. She uploaded on her Instagram, “BIGBANG’s concert, always cool. I have seen their concerts a lot in Seoul but there are so many new songs now and the concert is much more entertaining. BANG BANG BANG!” She also has the BIGBANG cheering stick in her hand.

The concert began in April in Seoul and then moved o to Guangzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok, and Singapore. It was an enormous hit. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the fans, BIGBANG decided that they will add more exclusive concerts to Macau concert that will be held on Oct 23 and 24.

BIGBANG will be carrying out their World Tour in Nanjing from August 7, and will travel to America, Canada, North America and other regions. They will travel across 15 countries to perform 70 times joined by 1.4 million international fans. Their album “E” will also be released at 0 hour of August 5, with “LET’S NOT LOVE” and GD&TOP’s “FANTASTIC.”

As of July 31, their album “D” from the MADE SERIES sold 1 million copies on China’s largest music site QQ Music. “M” sold 410,000 copies and “A” 720,000, altogether adding up to 2.13 million copies, proving enormous popularity.

Credits: YG-Life


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