[NEWS] Hollywood Blockbuster ‘Self/less’ Features Big Bang’s G-Dragon On Korean Poster

G-Dragon PEACEMINUSEONE Gallery 12

Whose life would you want to steal? Ryan Reynolds or Big Bang’s G-Dragon?

That is the question seemingly posed by “Self/less,” the upcoming Hollywood science fiction thriller starring Reynolds, Ben Kingsley, among others. Recently, the Korean poster for the movie caught the attention of K-pop fans for using familiar names like G-Dragon, Kim Soo Hyun, Won Bin and Song Hye Kyo.

While this confused some into thinking the Korean idols listed starred in “Self/less,” the premise of the movie gave a better explanation of their usage.

“For a mere $250 million, [Ben Kingsley’s character] can have his consciousness implanted into a younger, healthier human vessel through a state-of-the-art process called ‘shedding,'” wrote USA Today contributor Brian Truitt.

Presumably, the usage of Korean celebrities’ names echoes the plot of the thriller, set to release in Korea this August.

“There are very few films that look at death, that look at mortality,” said Kingsley to ScreenSlam.

“One paradoxical comfort in this film is accepted mortality. This is it, and to stray beyond those accepted boundaries could have very unfortunate consequences.”

Sadly, G-Dragon fans will not be seeing the rapper in “Self/less.” But he has been mingling with some well-known western celebrities and actors of his own.

G-Dragon made fashion headlines by attending as one of the high-roller muses in Chanel’s Fall Haute Couture show held in Paris, France on July 7. The Big Bang leader and influential fashionisto shared the spotlight with the likes of Vanessa Paradis, Lily Collins, Lara Stone, Rita Ora, Kristen Stewart and veteran actress Julianne Moore.

After the show, G-Dragon took photos with the other muses invited by Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Currently, G-Dragon is taking a hiatus from Big Bang’s promotional activities after releasing their “M.A.D.E.” series “D” single album, which contains the tracks “Sober” and “If You.”

Source: Kpopstarz

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