[ARTICLE] WINNER and Rapper Song Mino’s Duality

MINOMnet ‘Show Me The Money 4’ could be God’s move for Song Min Ho.

Though it may be a rash judgement, many are already saying Song Min Ho is the strongest finalist nominee even though only two episodes had been broadcasted so far.

It was not only because of ‘Show Me The Money 4’ participant rapper Black Nut’s “After all, winner is Song Min Ho” rap lyrics. Even those who heard him say he came out without the YG Entertainment or group WINNER’s tag and shaved his head just to show the real side of him absentmindedly, would have had a little bit of admiration escaped for him after watching his round 2 stage.

With a powerful baritone voice and the natural gestures which radiates charisma in his rapping, the ability to adjust the intensity and laxity, the sharp yet witty and satisfying lyrics was enough to overwhelm the judges, participants, as well as the viewers.

Even Black Nut who definitely had a certain amount of sarcasm in the lyrics “After all, winner is Song Min Ho” gave a thumbs up. After, Song Min Ho and Black Nut ranking 1st in the vote on which 1:1 battle match up they want to watch the most picked by the viewers may be because of this reason. Even if there are several criteria to determine a rapping skill, it was clear that among the rappers out there, Song Min Ho was battling between 1st and 2nd.

He had satisfyingly blew away the rappers that were being picky over major and under on stage all at once. With a rap “All are keeping me in check in case they get eaten. Don’t worry, I’m not carnivorous. Punks who care about under and over, more than half of the judges are major rappers, you b*stard”, he brought out his true identity as a hip hop musician and gave a hit to those keeping an eye on him.


Song Min Ho is an idol rapper. He is in charge of rap in the group WINNER. Though he may not have started out as an idol rapper, now he is definitely an idol rapper. This season’s ’Show Me The Money’ particularly had many idol participants, it was heard being called ‘Show Me The Idol”. And Song Min Ho, was the centre of attention.

This being so, Song Min Ho was somehow an idol rapper representative in ‘Show Me The Money 4’. His one verse in his rap, his one stage could influence the entire image of idol rappers. If YG Entertainment’s trainee Bobby (iKON) who won last year changed certain understanding towards idol rappers of the public, it is expected that Song Min Ho could take the role to buckle down and remove the line between underground and major rappers.

The fun fact is Song Min Ho is an idol who has gone through an underground life. With the name Mino during his underground days, he had released numerous mixtapes, prepared to debut as group Block B but got misfired due to personal reasons,and was even engaged in activities as ballad group B.o.M. He had drunk several bitter cups of defeat in many auditions, and years after bone-aching times, even after he got into YG as a trainee he had to compete in the survival programme ‘WIN’ as Team A and B and debuted after.

In those days of the programme, though he went through hardship during the times he didn’t compose raps like “I hang myself for 3,4 years for this. All weary from my goal, even in a t-shirt with a stretched neckline I’ll pull out the sword of victory, bottom’s up. One hand raised up. I’ll stir the clouds high up above beforehand. Vision clearer than my eye sight. Mind filled with several hundreds of people’s screams”, he had also shown himself improving towards his goals.

He has already emphasized on importance of the skills rather than separating over and under through his solo song ‘I’m Him’ in WINNER’s first album ‘WINNER 2014 S/S’. “Cooking my rap in the YG kitchen. Hungry MCs can go starve off starvation. If you like this song then shove it down your throat. But I’m raw, I’ll flip everything over.” If you flip ‘raw’, it becomes ‘war’.

An idol rapper who has gone through many experiences at a young age going back and forth from under and mainstream hip hop. This gives strength to the Song Min Ho with dual identity stabbing blistering remarks to rappers dividing the over and under. It is the reason why you cannot ‘crush’ Song Min Ho easily. And even if he were to be eliminated in the midst of the programme, Song Min Ho will still be Song Min Ho in that space.

Source: Naver // Translated by @minocentury

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