[ARTICLE] Song Mino wishes to remove the ‘WINNER‘ tag and be reborn as a true rapper in an ambitious expedition.


Song Mino wishes to remove the ‘WINNER‘ tag and be reborn as a true rapper in an ambitious expedition.

Song Mino is the hottest trending topic. Every move he made on ‘Show Me the Money 4′becomes the talk of the town. When his participation on the program was unveiled, it raises concerns and attention. However, Mino broke all prejudices towards him with one shot.

On the 2nd episode of the program, his skills was exposed. The production team lured the viewers by putting up Mino’s stage as a bait and had it pushed back for a chance to see it the next round.

Mino exposed his skills without moderation during the 1st and 2nd round of eliminations. Everyone praised him and he instantly became the ‘Scary Kid’. He who warms up lightly in front ofZico, presented his influential power during the 60-second rap round during the 2nd episode.

Afterall, his stage presence and charisma stood out. He did not crumble even causing a stir with his rapping prowess despite getting a failing mark from Jay Park and Loco’s team. The producers desire of recruiting him to their team manifests their satisfaction on his performace.

Even the other contestants could not hide the astonishment for his stage. With his potential as a winner, many were talking about how he’s following Bobby’s steps who won season 3.

Lee Sang Yoon, the director of ‘SMTM 4′ commented, “Song Minho has a different charisma than Bobby“, and “He’s like an onion. He shows new sides of himself; the more you peel him. He is portraying himself not as an idol but a rapper each time“.

Song Minho’s stage will continue to gather attention as he works to evolve in every step with a charm. The PD further commented, “The production crew and the producers are all anticipating on how far Mino, not WINNER will unwrap his skills”.

Source: Naver via ygunited

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