[NEWS] Se7en Establishes One-Man Agency




Se7en is starting fresh with the establishment of his own one-man agency.

Eleven9 Entertainment stated on July 7, “Se7en has established Eleven9 Entertainment and will set off promotions.”

Se7en has been receiving numerous love calls since his contract with former agency YG Entertainment ended earlier this year. However, he did not choose his next destination. On this, a rep from the agency stated, “This was in order to create a new nest with his staff and longtime friends who were with him since his debut in 2003.

Eleven9 has been established as Se7en′s own agency backed by an investment from SH Holdings, and both sides plan to maintain a continuous collaborative relationship and promote development.

Se7en made his debut in 2003 with Come to Me, followed by hits Passion and La La La, and has since expanded to variety and acting. He also garnered attention from fans in Asia when he made his debut in Japan in 2005, ahead of the hallyu fever.

Se7en will hold a fanmeeting, titled Thank You Se7en, at the Nagano Sunplaza in Tokyo, Japan on July 7. He will hold two fanmeetings in one day to celebrate his 10th anniversary in Japan and to express his thanks to the fans who have supported him for a long time.


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