[ARTICLE] “Show Me The Money 4” True Value of Just Rapper Song Mino!


“Show Me The Money 4” True Value of Just Rapper Song Mino

Song Mino was Song Mino. Song Mino, who was trapped as a member of idol group WINNER, proved his skills through his first and second rounds of auditions on Mnet “Show Me The Money 4” and displayed his presence as the rapper Song Mino, not as an idol rapper.

Song Mino’s skills have been shown before. The fact that he was going to debut with Zico, currently a judge at “Show Me The Money 4”, as Block B, the fact that he had debuted with the name Tagoon before, and the fact that he used to be actively release mix tapes as an underground rapper are known truths.

After all this, Song Mino debuted as Winner, an idol group under large-scale company YG Entertainment, through the survival program “WIN”, and couldn’t avoid getting trapped in the prejudice just because he became an idol. Because of this, when news broke out that he will appear in “Show Me The Money 4”, there was more concern than anticipation.

Before his skills were revealed by the production crew of “Show Me The Money 4” with their infamous “evil editing” and “king of fishing [for controversies]”, he became a target of criticism. During the first episode, they failed to show his full rap for the first round of auditions and instead showed a cut of him rapping the lyrics that contained “Flaming charisma” which is the nickname of SHINee’s Minho.

Song Mino’s skills that were finally shown during the episode broadcasted on the 3rd, it was the real Song Mino, without his mask of being in an idol group. During the first round of auditions, Song Mino said, “If I’m wearing a cool mask of a celebrity or an idol group when I’m promoting as a member of Winner, right now, it’s something like ‘It’s just me’.” As he rapped his reasons and aspirations for appearing in “Show Me The Money 4”, he received the “pass” necklace as well as the applause of the contestants near him.

During the second round of auditions, Song Mino’s true value increased greatly. Song Mino’s relaxed and sly stage caused the laughter of judges and contestants alike.

Even Blacknut, who declared, “Song Mino will win anyways” in front of Park Jaebum, Paloalto, Tablo, Zico, among other judges who were taken by Song Mino, couldn’t help but acknowledge him.

Much attention is focused towards how Song Mino will do in the third round of auditions, “1 vs 1 battle” and if he’ll be able to advance into the final round to become the final winner of “Show Me The Money 4”.

Source: Naver // Translations: @chrissy96_

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