[ARTICLE] iKON’s B.I and BOBBY Unveiled NONAGON’s Making Film

Bobby B.I. iKON

[OSEN=선미경 기자] “NONAGON”, a global young-street casual fashion brand of “Natural9” co-established by YG Entertainment (“YG”) and Samsung Cheil Industries, has unveiled the making film of its 2015 F/W season concept video.

The video was released on the 19 on YG’s official blog, YG channel on YouTube, Samsung Cheil Industries’ fashion blog, and NONAGON’s official Facebook and Instagram. It contains the behind images of the concept video released in March, as well as a short interview with B.I and BOBBY from YG’s new-generation idol boy group iKON.

B.I expressed his affection for NONAGON, saying, “I wear NONAGON frequently. I think I wear it almost always”. Then, he drew attention by mentioning the background music used for the concept video. He said, “We wrote that music for the concept video, so we made the feel of its lyrics and the mood of the entire song to go well with the name NONAGON”.

Plus, BOBBY explained about the background music with a powerful beat, saying, “I made it feel aggressive like a tiger to be seen as a trademark”. B.I and BOBBY were in charge of rap-making and song-writing, inspired by the brand’s concept and season’s theme.

The concept video released in March expressed the brand identity of NONAGON in an intense manner, with letter N that symbolizes “NONAGON”, nonagon shapes, and a tiger skull being exposed repeatedly.

NONAGON is standing under the spotlight, opening pop-up stores in famous select shops in Korea including the Luxury Shop of Galleria Department Store located in Apgujeong-dong, Seoul, 10 Corsocomo, and BEAKER, as well as in select shops in global fashion cities such as Milan, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, in September last year and January this year. It is also drawing a keen attention in the fashion world, confirming launching in China’s Sungdo I.T in cooperation with Hong Kong IT. NONAGON will be launched in Beijing, Nanjing, and Shenyang, too.

In addition, NONAGON pop-up stores will be opened in the Tokyo and Osaka branch of Japan’s Hankyu Department Store in September and October, to accelerate the brand’s expansion in the Japanese market. Notably, it is drawing all the more attention as collaboration products will be unveiled in Tokyo in September. The spotlight on NOGAGON is growing bigger, as Japan’s influential media outlet WWD JP and Japan Textile Daily published articles focused on NONAGON.

NONAGON’s brand power is expected to further strengthen, as it is soon to open stores in Singapore and Taiwan, and is planning to expand into New York and LA in the United States, going beyond Asia. NONAGON has already agreed to enter high-end select shop “TRAFFIC LA” based in LA and Dallas.

As the demand for purchasing agent service for NONAGON and request for NONAGON’s sale in shops in countries where the brand has yet to be launched are on the rapid increase, NONAGON’s overseas expansion is expected to accelerate consistently.

2015. 7. 7.

Source: Osen via YG-Life

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