[NEWS] BIGBANG’s “SOBER” M/V surpassed 5 million views within three days from release

MADE Series D-BIGBANGGroup BIGBANG is setting record for the number of views of their music video, while sweeping music charts on the third day from new release.

As of July 3 at 8am, BIGBANG’s new song “IF YOU” released on July 1 at 0 o’clock is in the first place on the real-time chart of eight music-streaming websites: Melon, Bugs, Mnet, Genie, NAVER, Olleh Music, Soribada, and Monkey 3. Another new release “SOBER” is also drawing a big popularity, taking the second place on the real-time chart of seven music-streaming websites including Bugs, Mnet, Genie, NAVER, and Olleh Music.

The new songs are creating sensation on foreign charts as well. As of July 3 at 8am, “IF YOU” is in the No.1 place on the iTunes single chart of seven countries: Brunei, Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

While BIGBANG is creating sensation by drawing big popularity on music charts in and out of the country, their music videos are also drawing a big attention. The music video of “SOBER” that shows the members’ easy and free movements in a beautiful variety of colors is garnering growing number of hits, recording 5,203,254 views on YouTube as of July 3.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG releases a single album with more than one song on the 1 of every month until August, and finally, complete album “MADE” will be released on September 1. BIGBANG has been holding world tour while performing for new songs, and the Thailand concert of the tour will be held on July 11 and 12. Then, BIGBANG will continue with the tour to meet 1.4 million fans around the world in 70 concerts in 15 countries including the United States and Canada.

Source: Osen via YG-Life

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