[ARTICLE] An Analysis On Big Bang’s Key To Success

Big Bang are writing new history in the music world.

Released on June 1, their new track “Bang Bang Bang” is still holding onto its no.1 spot across various music charts such as MelOn, Genie, Olleh, Monkey3, and Naver Music. Similarly, “We Like 2 Party” as well as “Loser” and “Bae Bae” also have been holding onto their statuses in the top 10 charts and showed off Big Bang’s power.

The key behind such success is behind Big Bang’s ability to maintain their popularity. Winning the first place was possible because Big Bang is a group with a strong fandom. However, maintaining it is the key to success. In such regard, Big Bang is much more powerful compared to other idol groups.

In the current music world, life expectancy of new tracks is short. However, Big Bang’s tracks have reigned over music charts ever since MADE SERIES project’s launch in May. This means that Big Bang’s popularity has crossed over the limitations of age-specific preferences in music and reached the public with the group’s mass appeal.

It’s not unusual to see Big Bang’s tracks lose their top-ranking statuses in the music charts but come back to reclaim them just in a few hours. It was analyzed that such phenomena proves Big Bang’s fans aren’t all limited to teenagers.

MADE SERIES is a project in which Big Bang releases a single album containing more than one track on the first of each month from May to August. This is a unique strategy that Big Bang also used during their debut. The fact that such album release style did not just end up being a short lived sensation and maintained its popularity proves how much mass appeal Big Bang’s music has. Despite the fact that boy groups generally tend to have less influence over music charts compared to girl groups, Big Bang is proving to the top idol group of Korea.

Big Bang will continue to maintain their fandom and reach out to the public by holding a “MADE” world tour until 2016 and meet with over 1.4 million fans through 70 performances in 15 countries.



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