[ARTICLE] Tablo tweets hilarious response to venue’s misspelling of Epik High

Epik High

Several mishaps can happen when a Korean artist goes overseas for a concert and one of them is the typo of their name at the venue’s sign board. And Epik High just happens to be one of the latest victims.

On June 6th local time (EST), a fan tweeted Tablo and Atlanta’s Center Stage Theater venue, writing, “You guys are playing Center Stage tomorrow right? Might want to tell them it’s Epik,” and posted a photo of the typo.

Epik High member Tablo gave a quick reply to the tweet, giving a hilarious answer that “I can’t hate tho” before confessing “(cuz my lady did the same thing).”

Tablo made a reference of his time during his appearance on KBS‘s Return of Supermanwhen his wife and daughter made a fan sign to show their support, unfortunately, Kang Hye Jung failed to spell her husband’s band name correct, making the same mistake: Epic High instead of Epik High.

[tweet https://twitter.com/blobyblo/status/607338716265193473 align=center]

Credits: Koreaboo


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