[ARTICLE] YG-Life: Quintet BIGBANG on “Running Man” – Going All The Way

BIGBANG Taeyang Runningman

[텐아시아=정시우 기자] BIGBANG as a whole of quintet will be appearing on “Running Man.”

On SBS’s “Running Man” to be aired today, all five members of BIGBANG will be appearing to show the true sides of entertainers that are unpredictable.

BIGBANG made everyone on the set laugh from the very beginning. Steering away from their usual charismatic selves, they will unveil something very comical. They are dressed in Roman gladiators, making people laugh once again.

It is said that BIGBANG makes everyone laugh throughout the entire program, especially in the water game, which gets overly competitive and they try to take off each other’s pants. GD has a good beginning full of energy, but he begins to get exhausted toward the end, yet still succeeds in making people laugh with comic moves.

Members are all up for a hand-to-hand fight, and it would be interesting to find out if they will be able to complete the race on SBS’s “Running Man” at 6.10pm on June 7 (Sunday).

Source: YG-Life

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