[ARTICLE] Yesterday TV: Genius Entertainer DAESUNG in “Running Man”, Nice to See You Again!

Running Man BIGBANG

[OSEN=정준화 기자] Many people were missing DAESUNG’s face covered with bushy hair. DAESUNG burst into bigger-than-ever smile with the other BIGBANG members in SBS TV’s entertainment show, in which he appeared after a long time of absence. His friendly conversation and perfect harmony with Yoo Jae-suk and Kim Jong-guk who did “The Family Has Come” together with him in the past looked quite good. He also boasted a still-good sense of humor that catches perfect timing for laughter in a reality variety show shot outdoors. DAESUNG has come back like that.

BIGBANG appeared in SBS TV’s entertainment show “I Love Sunday – Running Man” aired on the 7, to give viewers big laughter by showing off their great sense of humor and wit.

BIGBANG worked so hard in the show, to the extent that they displayed a fighting spirit. Their faces were distorted, they had a hand-to-hand fight in the water, and even their pants were taken off. However, BIGBANG smiled from the beginning to the end, doing their best. Even though the members have recently been so busy with hectic schedule since their comeback, they poured out all their energy in the show.

BIGBANG looked fancy from the very beginning. In line with the concept “People from the Past”, BIGBANG members appeared in Roman gladiator’s costumes. BIGBANG teamed up with “capable man” Kim Jong-guk, to compete in a race against “Running Man” members wearing Joseon Dynasty’s costumes.

From the very words of greeting, DAESUNG boasted a great sense of humor, showing off his still-outstanding wit. In the show, Yoo Jae-suk expressed his interest in DAESUNG appearing with a hairdo drawn backward to show his eyes, saying, “What’s up DAESUNG? You’ve come back to your look in the past”. Then, DAESUNG answered, “I thought I was growing more and more handsome, so I decided to go back to the past style”.

Yoo Jae-suk asked once again, “What is your past style?”, and then DAESUNG made viewers burst into a big laughter, by answering, “That is an ugly style. I think I should get back to it”.

DAESUNG showed off his outstanding wit from the first mission. In a corner named “A cuckoo cuckoos cuckoos”, he did not refrain from being funny. The mission for the corner was to walk through rotating gears, pass a vinyl wrap with one’s face, and say “cuckoo” for the time taken to go through the gears and wrap. T.O.P and TAEYANG passed the wrap with their faces first. The two willingly distorted their faces going through the wrap, showing off their fighting spirit. Notably, DAESUNG did his best, even though he was afraid of girl fans being disappointed by his distorted face. DAESUNG did his best to make funny scenes, trying to pass through the wrap with his face instead of head.

In the second mission of water basketball, DAESUNG showed an outstanding slapstick comedy. He boasted excellent physical strength and quick movements, and made a difficult skill called alley-oop a great success. Then, he expressed his confidence by saying, “You who remember ‘The Family Has Come Back’, Ain’t I changed a lot? I’m not me in the past. I’ve changed”. Right after the alley-oop, DAESUNG rushed with a ball in his hand, but soon fell headlong into the water, being tripped over his own feet, creating a funny scene.

DAESUNG well understands what entertains people and what makes people laugh. That proved the fact that his time spent for real variety TV shows for a few years has worked for him. The members left for the final match were DAESUNG and Lee Gwang-soo. In the final mission in which a team whose members all get on a small car wins, DAESUNG competed with Lee Gwang-soo, rolling on the floor. They tried their best until the very end of the mission, to make viewers laugh.

DAESUNG has recently performed as a popular solo artist in Japan, and he had a solo tour in the country in a great success. That made him rarely appear in Korea’s TV scene. However, DAESUNG’s humor and wit shown in “Running Man” were enough to make up for his long-time absence.

As BIGBANG will perform for their new album and appear on TV until October this year, fans will be able to see them in a variety of entertainment shows. It is expected that fans will see “genius entertainer” DAESUNG on TV so frequently.

Source: YG-Life

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