[ARTICLE] Running Man’s Adventurer BIGBANG: Back To Car Final Victory (Overall)

Running Man BIGBANG

[TV리포트=신나라 기자] BIGBANG seized the final victory on “Running Man.”

On the special episode of “Running Man” aired through SBS on June 7 titled “People from the Past,” BIGBANG had a match against the members of the show.

The final mission was the time-track racing. The two teams were in two separate cars to accomplish mission while being in the race.

BIGBANG started off faster than the competitor. Kim Jong Guk grabbed the steering wheel, and was cautious of Yoo Jae Suk who caught up quickly. The two teams screamed with enthusiasm in the car as if they were in an amusement park. Yoo on the other hand had the most serious face of the year, catching up to Kim quickly.

The two teams finished driving and then jumped into the mission to drink from glass and flipping it. BIGBANG successfully flipped the glass speedily and then departed for next mission course. BIGBANG again went ahead in the 3rd round.

Running Man team was busy catching up to BIGBANG. They were slightly behind BIGBANG but the final outcome was simply unpredictable. When they reached the final mission, the only thing left for all members was to get in the “Back To” car where they were finally able to go back to the past.

The last mission was a war. Lee Gwang Soo clung on to DAESUNG to stop BIGBANG from winning. But Kim Jong Guk finally shook off Lee, leading to the final victory of BIGBANG.

Source: YG-Life

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