[ARTICLE] Music Talk Talk: BIGBANG a Legend – All Releases Become “Title Tracks”


[OSEN=최나영 기자] In a way, this is a revolution in the online music world.

BIGBANG is setting an example of success in the online music world that could not be achieved in the previous analogue music industry.

With the ushering in of the digital music era, there has been an enormous shift in the paradigm of supply and consumption patterns. “How to survive” in this new era became the focus for many, and for most of them, the biggest problem was the “excessively fast-changing environment.”

The “life expectancy” of new songs is becoming shorter and shorter. In the music world where new tracks are unveiled everyday, music had to have a very high value for people to purchase the songs, especially with new songs pouring in. This phenomenon is unavoidable for popular artists as well.

So this has been deemed as a problem in the digital music world. And it is no wonder that BIGBANG’s latest comeback with the project is groundbreaking. Their plan to unveil new songs every month from May to August means that they are showing all the songs in the album to the consumers who are reluctant to purchase albums. Every single track is a title track. This was somewhat a challenging act, as they are not only targeting the fans but the entire general public.

Unveiling posters with dates from “2015. 05. 01” to “2015. 09. 01” every month for 5 months, BIGBANG kick started the project with much anticipation. Their plan is to unveil one project at a time for 4 months from May to August, which covers projects “M,” “A,” “D,” and “E.” In September, the complete MADE album will be released.

The songs are not just in the form of digital single, but a project single album featuring more than one song. This is quite a change from the previous strategies, but is a replay of what BIGBANG did when they just made a debut 9 years ago. The method attracts more attention since the strategy is developed to suit the current music world.

The quintet kick started in a huge success, and the project is on going. Last month “LOSER” and “BAE BAE” swept across charts, and they were replaced by “BANG BANG BANG” and “WE LIKE 2 PARTY” this month. But with the four tracks still in the top range, a BIGBANG vs BIGBANG battle is on. So now the public has seen four of their tracks already. Now there are people waiting for BIGBANG’s new songs every 1st of the month, and this alone is a proof of their enormous success.

The key factor of the success, however, is putting much effort in making every release a big issue, instead of just releasing the songs. They appear on music programs, reveal music videos one by one, and then the unveiled video clips, and also appear on variety show programs. They try to expand the attention span, which usually fades away in a week or two.

In fact BIGBANG’s music videos are attracting 1 million viewers a day. “LOSER” hit 30 million in just one month, which means 1 million clicked to see it every day. Their appearance on variety show as a whole is also attracting much attention. They will be appearing on SBS’s “Running Man” today (June 7), following their appearance on KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together” last month.

And by holding concerts, they are doing what true artists are supposed to do. They unveiled “LOSER” and “BAE BAE” for the first time at the World Tour Seoul Concert held at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena. The “MADE” World Tour will last until 2016, cutting across Asia, the Americas and other regions. They will be meeting 1.4 million fans through 70 concerts held in 15 countries.

Obviously there are factors that can only be achieved by BIGBANG. People have trust in their musical talents, and have a standard of expectation. If they weren’t well received by the general public, the project would not have been possible. BIGBANG is known for garnering explosive popularity but also for lasting long with their music. But the latest case certainly shows the incredible effort and thoughts put into the strategies that are perfectly suited to the digital music era.

Source: YG-Life

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