[ARTICLE] “Award Ceremony?” YG Party: PSY, Rain, Ko So Young… Gathering of Top Stars

YG Family Restaurant

[OSEN=선미경 기자] A photograph from a dinner gathering held by YG Entertainment, with the Executive Director YANG HYUN SUK, is attracting much attention. Top stars featuring in the images remind the viewers of an end-of-year award ceremony. It shows YANG’s incredible connection in the industry.

The franchise restaurant “3rd Street Butchers” opened by YANG HYUN SUK was filled with YG Family members on June 4 for its launch, and the photos taken were posted on its official Facebook page. From BIGBANG, WINNER, JINUSEAN, AKDONG MUSICIAN to actors like Lee Seo Jin, Ko So Yong, Ha Jung Woo and Rain were present as well.

YG Family YG Family

YG Family members are captured in the photos looking happy at the gathering. TAEYANG and GD smile brightly with JINU in the middle, YANG hugs GD from the back, and YG Family members signing on the mascot of the restaurant… all of the images feature the top artists in the most casual and happy ways.

DAESUNG and SEUNGRI sign on the wall of the restaurant while PSY entertain the viewers by appearing on media for the first time in a while. All the artists were present to celebrate with YANG despite their extremely busy schedules of producing music and holding concerts.

Instagrams of YANG and CJ’s advisor Noh Hee Young also feature the launch dinner of the restaurant. YANG is captured in photos with Lee Seo Jin, Lee Seung Gi, Ko So Yong and Ha Jong Woo. It seems like the end-of-year award ceremony.

3rd Street Butchers is a new brand launched by YANG with Noh, who successfully carried out food businesses by opening CJ’s now representing restaurants like Bibigo and Jeiljemyunso. Located in the middle of the 3rd Street near Hongik University’s main entrance, the restaurant is nested in an area known for housing YANG’s landmark building and his 10-year-old 3rd Street Food Stall restaurant.

Many artists like JINUSEAN, BIGBANG and AKDONG MUSICIAN were present on June 4 to celebrate the launch of the restaurant, where a party was held. Lee Jung Hyun and other artists close to YG also attended the celebration.

YANG has been showing undying affection for the area since he was the member of Seotaiji and Boys. This is the reason behind launching the 1st one in this area. The 3rd Street Food Stall restaurant is so popular that visitors have to wait in a long queue that extends to another block on Friday night.

Source: YG-Life

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