[INTERVIEW] YG-Life: Yoo Byung Jae Snooped Around YG Cafeteria… But Yet to Eat There

Yoo Byung Jae

[OSEN=박현민 기자] Yoo Byung Jae, YG Entertainment (“YG”)’s first-ever comedian, expressed his big interest in YG’s cafeteria.

On the 4, Yoo said to OSEN, “I visited YG headquarters building for a meeting. I snooped around the cafeteria, and the staff there were still preparing meals. I have not eaten at the YG cafeteria yet. I can’t wait to taste the famous food there”.

Then, he explained why he decided to join YG, “I have been a fan of YG for a long time. I imagined to myself what it would be like to be the first YG comedian. Now, that imagination has come true, fortunately. I decided to join this company as I thought I could do things I wanna do with YG”.

The staff of “SNL Korea” said to OSEN about Yoo’s joining YG, “We sincerely congratulate Yoo on his joining YG. Yoo also told us that he will think SNL as his home and come back whenever we call him”.

YG officially announced the news by posting an image of Yoo with a phrase of “Welcome to YG Yoo Byung Jae. Coming to work from today, Jun. 4, 2015.”, on the 4 at 10:30am on the company’s official blog.

Yoo Byung Jae has been making a lot of TV appearances as a writer, entertainer, and actor, boasting his versatile talents in a variety of fields. He is a writer for tvN’s comedy show “SNL Korea” and became famous for his acting in “Extreme Job”, which was one of the corners for the show. Since then, he has enjoyed big popularity by appearing in a variety of TV shows. Recently, he appeared in “The Infinite Challenge” show as a candidate to be the sixth member of the show, and showed good acting in tvN’s drama series “The Generation of Superman” that ended on the 29 last month.

Source: YG-Life

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