[INTERVIEW] Yang Hyun Suk Says “Yoo Byung Jae May Collaborate with BIGBANG as Contents Planner”

Yoo Byung Jae YG

[스타뉴스=길혜성 기자] Yoo Byung Jae, a program script writer and a celebrity has been arousing much attention by joining YG Entertainment. YG’s Head and Executive Director YANG HYUN SUK explains the reason behind his offer.

He told Star News on June 4, “I have been watching Yoo Byung Jae’s ideas and thoughts on the Internet and TV. He is one creative talent. I personally asked my personnel to offer him a spot in YG.”

He added, “I still haven’t met him personally. I will be next week, and I am already excited. I felt good as Yoo said he was interested in YG from a while ago.”

YANG has the ambition to fully support Yoo as the new contents planner for the agency.

YANG commented, “Yoo’s ideas are so funny and unique. He is well received by many young people these days. It is not our intention to just make him appear on variety programs. We put the focus on his creativity that stands out.”

“We will be fully supporting him so he can unleash all his ideas and put them into action here at our agency. In a nutshell, Yoo will become YG’s content planner.”

“There are many artists in YG who are popular overseas. Yoo’s funny and unique contents will be applied to these artists. In other words, we can come up with collaboration like BIGBANG and Yoo, or Yoo and iKON.”

He emphasized that the intention is to spotlight his unique ideas and creativity, and this is not the beginning of offering space for other comedians.

Source: YG-Life

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